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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where does the trip leave from?


Lady Anne leaves from Kallin Harbour in Grimsay, North Uist, HS6 5HY. 


  • Is there parking? 


There is free parking available at Kallin Harbour, however Kallin is a working harbour and we ask you to be mindful of this when you choose where to park, taking care not to cause obstructions.  Nick and Nye will be on hand to help find spaces for larger vehicles. 

  • Can you get to Lady Anne on public transport? 


The spinal route through Uist is served by public transport. Kallin harbour sits 3 miles from Grimsay South Turn, and is a pleasant walk or cycle. Timetables can be found here (

  • Is Lady Anne Wildlife Cruises accessible by those with impaired mobility? 


There are two large steps involved in getting on and off the boat, which may cause problems for passengers with mobility issues. We are happy to offer assistance with boarding and disembarking to all passengers. 

Once aboard Lady Anne, there is space on deck for wheelchairs and seating is available throughout the trip. Outdoor seating is on the engine box and does not have a back rest, while indoor seating is on benches that do have back support. 


Nick and Nye are always keen to do what they can to make their tours accessible and to assist where possible, so please call or email with your particular accessibility needs and we can discuss the available options.

  • What will we see on our trip?


The answer to this depends on many variables, but an overview of the places that we visit and the wildlife that we have seen can be found on our main page. The waters around the east coast of Uist are home to many species of bird and mammal life, both in the water and on land, and while we can’t guarantee any particular sightings, we are certain you will see spectacular scenery and wildlife that you wouldn’t have if you hadn’t been aboard Lady Anne. 

  • What happens if the trip is canceled due to weather ?


While we try to go out in most weather, and have access to a variety of routes that are sheltered from different wind directions, occasionally we will have to admit defeat and cancel a trip. In that instance we will call you to either arrange a different day for your Lady Anne Wildlife Cruise, or to refund your deposit if that isn’t possible. 

  • Do you take card payments?  


We can take card payments, however due to poor internet connection in the harbour it helps us to set sail on our journey a lot faster if you pay by cash or online in advance. 


  • What should I wear ?


No matter the weather on land, it can be unexpectedly cold at sea. We recommend that you dress in more layers than you think you will need, topped off with a waterproof in case of rain. There is space in the cabin to store any items of clothing that you might remove should you be too warm. 


Occasionally water can splash onto the deck through the drainage holes (officially known as ‘scuppers’) at ground level on the sides of Lady Anne. Leave your best shoes at home (if you don’t want them scuppered) and opt for something old or waterproof. 

  • Will it be rough at sea?


Even when it’s windy we have access to extremely sheltered bays and inlets without ever going out into open water, meaning that we can continue our trips in comfort and safety in almost all weather conditions. If you are prone to motion sickness then taking a sea sickness tablet beforehand is always a sensible precaution.

  • Can I bring my dog ?


Lady Anne is dog friendly and you are welcome to bring your dog. However, we will ask everyone on board if they are comfortable with dogs before setting sail, and we may ask you to leave your dog in your car if the answer is no. Please contact us before the trip if you have multiple or large breeds, on a full trip the deck can get quite crowded and we may not be able to accommodate a pack. 


  • How many people can you take? 

Lady Anne can take a maximum of 12 passengers 

  • What are the safety arrangements?


Lady Anne is fully equipped with safety equipment and life jackets in a variety of sizes suitable for children and adults. It is your choice whether you wear one on your boat trip.

  • Is there a toilet ?


There is a public toilet in the harbour and we advise that you visit it before the trip begins. There is a rudimentary toilet on board, should it be needed. 

  • Is there anywhere to eat near by ?

Kallin Harbour is home to Namara Seafood Cafe, the ideal place to grab something to eat before or after a trip. Grimsay’s community centre, Ceann na h-Àirigh is 1.5 miles along Grimsay’s south road and has a cafe run by The Scandi Bakery. 

  • Can I take my bike? 

We do not have room for bikes aboard Lady Anne, however they can be left locked up at the harbour.

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